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President’s Message  2011

2011 proved to be another excellent year for the Club. Once again, a number of dedicated Club and Board members helped make our key programs a roaring success. Many thanks go to Dean Perkins, Bob Elwood and a large supporting cast for making our annual NCSSA tournament a great success. Joe Kirby and his team delivered another exciting One-Pitch tournament enjoyed by all who attended. Many thanks go to our Spring and Fall League Commissioner, Deb Coyne, for her efforts in organizing and overseeing our weeknight open league play. Glenn Kovas and his crew deserve a large round of applause for ensuring that all members who come out to Day Play have a chance to participate in the games and enjoy the informal yet competitive atmosphere surrounding this Club event. Dennis Logie and a long list of volunteers organized and ran another successful Señors' Games. Our annual Holiday party was a rousing success due to the outstanding efforts of the Holiday Party Planning Committee, assorted volunteers and Pat Michael. Without the large number of volunteers that stepped up to the plate this year, these Club events would not have been possible. Please keep that in mind as we roll into 2012—volunteers are always needed and welcome!

Looking ahead to 2012, there are going to be some changes in the makeup of the Board of Directors. Two of our members, Deb Coyne and John Gordon, have chosen not to run for reelection in 2012. If any of our members would like to be considered as potential replacements, please contact either myself or Dennis Logie by December 4 and express your interest. Please keep in mind that being a Board member consists of more than attending a meeting once a month. Each one of us volunteers to lead or help out with a number of Club events as well as setting the direction for the Club and helping ensure that
our goals are met.

Let's have a great 2012; but most important—let's have FUN!
Bill Picht

Holiday Party on December 3

The Club’s annual Holiday party will be held on Saturday night, December 3, at 6:00, at the Veteran’s Memorial Building in Redwood City. Board member Pat Michael is again coordinating with help from Donna O’Farrell, Mo Hosoda, and Ginger Mah. The plans are foranother delicious sit-down dinner, raffle prizes, open bar, expanded entertainment, dancing,the announcement of Most Improved Player of the Year, and fun and fellowship. If you have an item to donate for the raffle or auction, please contact Pat Michael at 299-0331.

Last year’s party was our largest ever and had 120 in attendance with many new membersand wives, including new member, George Goldman, who came all the way from Berkeley. The entertainment was enlivened by the debut of the Marshettes, and by a strange coincidence, Jerry Marsh won the beauty salon prize in our $700 raffle drawing.

In that raffle, John Pinkerton won a $50 bill, but contributed it for auction and the bidding reached $65 with successful bidder, Ray Elkins. Ray said he was persuaded to overbid because Pinkerton promised to sign it. Another innovation was line-dancing with a professional teacher showing us the steps. Our most improved player for 2010 was Walt Custer (a participant at our hitting clinic taught by pro Terry Whitfield). There was also a special award for Nick Ioimo, our oldest active player at age 91.

Club Officers

At the annual meeting in January, Bill Picht was reelected as this year’s president of the Club; Dennis Logie as vice president; Bob Cushman as treasurer; and Dave Reck as recording secretary. Other board members are Debbie Coyne, John Gordon, Joe Kirby, Glenn Kovas, and Pat Michael. Donna O’Farrell is appointed membership secretary

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Club will be at the Veterans Memorial Senior Center inRedwood City at 7:00 pm on January 9, 2012. At that time, election of officers will take place, board members will be elected, and other agenda business items will be addressed. Every member is welcome to attend. There will be two vacancies on the board and those wishing to serve can contact Bill Picht, President, at 650-303-9114.

Saturday League Begins November 5

This year’s Saturday League began under the direction of Dean Perkins with Bob Cushman as administrative assistant. As in the past, all games are double-headers beginning at 9:00, 11:30, and 2:00. Although seven tournament teams are part of a regular schedule, there is often room for walk-ons to play each Saturday for teams missing players that Saturday. You must be a member of the Señors to play, however, and 60 or older. The league will conclude in February.

Monday Night Winter League

With the completed renovation of Hawes Park, the Night Winter League moved back toMondays. Play began on September 12 and the first round will conclude on December 13. Debbie Coyne is serving as the commissioner and there are four teams. As with the Saturday league, there is often room for walk-ons on any Monday night, but you must be a member of the Señors to play with a team.

Tuesday Night Summer League

This summer’s Tuesday Night League was an active and competitive one. Thanks to Debbie Coyne and Bill Picht for serving as commissioners of this league.

Deadline for New Dues Is December 31

Yes, it is that time of year again. Your $45.00 dues pay for more than 140 days of open play during the week with new softballs each day, a fielding clinic, liability insurance for members, Señors Games, One-Pitch Tournament and barbecue, and free membership for those 80 and older. In addition, the dues subsidize our Holiday party, batting clinic, tournament teams, and our annual trip to San Jose to watch the Giants.

Dues can be paid at any time for the full year of 2012. Future new members who pay their dues for 2011 through the end of the year will also be covered for 2012! What a bargain! Anyone you know that would like to join the Señors? Please note that after January 1, only paid up members will be able to participate in open play, a league, or be part of a subsidized team for tournament play. We are also interested in updates on address, phone, and e-mail information to keep our large and growing roster current.

Hitting Clinic

Once again, Terry Whitfield, former Giants star and in-demand hitting coach, was our instructor for a series of batting clinics offered to all Señors members in the Spring. Despite occasional threats of rain, we were able to get every session in and those who attended greatly benefited. We’ll plan to have Terry come again to help us improve. He does have a batting cage in Burlingame and some members have taken advantage of further personalized instruction.

Tournament Results for Sponsored Teams

As the 2011 tournament season concludes with the Phoenix Tournament of Champions,we look back on the five Club-sponsored teams that participated throughout northern California and in other states. Our sponsorship this year involved paying ASA registration,liability insurance, $560 supplement toward tournament fees, and free entry in our own Redwood City Tournament. Here’s how our teams did on the tournament circuit. Clubs wishing to be sponsored for 2012 should contact any director now for consideration.

The newly formed State Roofing Royals 75s team had a stellar year. They entered 14 tournaments and won 6 of them, including the Tournament of Champions! They are the new Western Regional Champions, National Champions, and World Champions!! This will move them up to major status, but it was a great year and they are the second-ranked 75 year-old team in NCSSA, behind only the major+ Gold Rush (a team they beat in winning the Western Regionals).

The Redwood City Chiefs 75s continued to be the busiest team as they entered 18 tournaments, winning 3, including the SouthWest Championship in Nevada, and earning the silver medal for second place in the popular Huntsman World Senior Games in Utah. One of the more challenging events was Las Vegas where they played nine games, all in 100o heat, and not winning, although Bob Elwood got pneumonia!

The State Roofing Royals 70s team also had a good year, winning 3 of the 14 tournaments they entered, including the Western Region National tournament hosted by SPA. They tied with two other teams in three tournaments with a 4-1 record, but lost all three due to arcane tie-breaking rules, and in every case, they defeated the eventual winner head-to-head! They also earned the silver at Rock’n Reno, losing the “if” game. They are the second-ranked 70-year-old team in NCSSA, behind only the mighty major+ Seals.

The Redwood City Chiefs 75-80s, the oldest team in northern California, entered 5 tournaments, and won one of them.

The Redwood City Cardinals continued to play competitively, but were unable to win first place in the 12 tournaments they entered, although they earned a silver cup for second in the large Rock’n Reno event.

Although not a Club-sponsored team, the Redwood City Bay Supporters won the World Championship in 60 AAA in Phoenix.

Club Tournament a Success

With the return of Hawes Park this year, we were once again able to provide for 24 teams at our annual Club-hosted tournament, scheduled this year for a June weekend that was NOT Father’s Day weekend! The result was so many teams wanting to play, that we opened up the old Señors field and had 28 teams participating! Comments were mostly positive, the weather was balmy, and we upgraded the value of the awards. Tournament Director, Dean Perkins, and his large crew of volunteers provided a wonderful tournament.

All of our Club-sponsored teams were able to play, with the Royals 70s and the Chiefs 75-80s winning first place in their brackets.

Next year, to avoid using the smaller Mitchell Field, the tournament will try a four-day tournament, with the teams of older, mostly-retired players on Thursday and Friday. This will enable Club members on those teams to volunteer to help on Saturday and Sunday.

3rd Annual Señors Games
October 6 & 7, 2011

For the first time, rain threatened this popular annual event. It did rain on the first day, butthere was only the need for a 10-minute break under the eaves, and the rest of the morning was playable, although a bit damp at times. The second day was glorious!

Hit For Distance

The heavy air held down the distance as well as a lot of over-swinging pop ups. Old Sparky, our pitching machine, was better than most years, and we also allowed batters totake a pass on one of six deliveries. In the 50s, where one would expect the farthest distance, the race was close but not very far. Tony Correia won the gold with a shot of 242 feet, and Dennis Kain took silver by only 6 inches over Brad Spuitenburg. Bob Ligh won the 60-64 with Jim Pierce coming in second. In the 65-69s, Bruce Barnes outslugged Chet Lane who won the silver and Rich Simonson who took bronze. JIm Mosso hit right before the rain delay in 70-74, but it was good enough for gold, with Roger Severin second and Bill Guzules third. Carl Woodruff in the 75+ Division outslugged all the 50s with a blast of 245 feet—a new Division record. Ken Smith and Morris Hosoda took 2nd and 3rd respectively. In the Women’s Open, Sandy Bettancourt won gold over Ginger Mah with the silver and Angie Edhammer with the bronze.

Hit For Accuracy

A lesson was repeated in this event where batters tried to hit to five areas of the field. Some of the hitters put the ball out farther here than in their attempt in hitting for distance! Shows that a smooth swing and hitting the sweet spot can beat muscling up! In the 50s, Gino Emmerich won gold over Brad Spuitenburg. There was a three way tie for first in the 60-64s at 60% between Jim Pierce, Ron Sorg, and Bob Ligh. Tom Ball gained gold in the 65-69, with Chet Lane for silver and Bruce Barnes for bronze. The 70-74 was the largest event of the Games and four batters tied for gold with 80%—Jim Mosso, Bill Guzules, Bob Cushman, and Bill Beshore who got a round of applause for hitting to right field! In the 75+ Division, Ken Smith set a new Division record with 80%, and Dave Reck and Carl Woodruff tied for the silver. 87-year-old Dick St. Denny earned the bronze! In the Women’s Division, Sandy Bettancourt won her second gold for the day.

Fly Ball Catching

The gusty winds of the rain and Old Sparky’s peculiarities made this a challenging event this year. There were only two 100% fielders this year, former world record holders Jerry Marsh and Bill Beshore in the 70-74s, with Dave Arrigoni taking the bronze. In the 50s, It was a close duel with Gino Emmerich and Dennis Kain tying for the gold and Brad Spuitenburg earning the bronze. Bob Ligh took gold in the 60-64 followed by Ron Wright and Jim Pierce. Outstanding fielding typified the 65-69s, with a three-way tie for first between Hiroshi Tarumi, Rich Simonson, and Greg Lum Ho. In the 75+, Carl Woodruff defeated the ageless Dick St. Denny. Newcomer Angie Edhammer swept the gold in the Women’s with Sandy Bettancourt again medalling for silver.

Ground Ball Fielding

A somewhat damp field made this an exciting event with some ground balls whistling through shortstop. Pete Lewis won gold in the 50s; Jim Pierce won gold in the 60-64 with a tie for silver between Rocco Stagnaro and Ted Kahan. Greg Lum Ho won gold in the 65-69s followed by Rich Jovel, and a tie for bronze by Hiroshi Tarumi and Chet Lane. In the 70-74, tournament shortstop Bob Cushman won gold with a tie for silver by two outfielders, Dave Arrigoni and Bill Beshore. In the 75+, George Goldman equaled his Division record of 80%, while Sid Maytorena took silver and Morris Hosoda won bronze. Angie Edhammer tied the Women’s Division record of 80% for gold, followed by Sandy Bettancourt for silver and Ginger Mah for bronze.

Home to First

The clear sunny day resulted in some good runs in this test of speed. Tony Correia narrowly edged out Gino Emmerich, 3.6 seconds to 3.7. Phil Scatena took bronze. In the 60-64, Ron Wright won gold, tying the Division record of 4.0. In the 65-69s, Greg Lum Ho was 1/10 second slower than his Division record of 3.7 but still earned gold over Rich Jovel and Tom Ball for bronze. In the 70-74s, Bill Guzules eased by Dave Arrigoni, 4.3 to 4.4. In the 75+, Dave Reck bettered his Division record of 4.4 by running a 4.3 (gets better with age?) and George Goldman got the silver. Angie Edhammer took gold in the Women’s with a new Division record of 4.5 seconds.

Home to Home

Fewer entries than usual in this event as the effort needed may have scared off a few. There were no official entries in the 50s, but Gino Emmerich ran an exhibition race that would have set a new world record! In the 60-64s, Ron Wright won the gold. In the 65-69, it was Rich Simonson defeating Rich Jovel in 14.0 seconds. In the 70-74s, Bill Guzules repeatedas the gold medal winner in 15.0. In the 75+, Dave Reck set a new Division record, bettering his own old record, with 15.8 seconds. And in the Women’s Division, Ginger Mah became the first woman to complete the event, not only winning the gold but establishing the women’s record of 23.1

Pitch For Accuracy

How likely is it you can just stand there and get a walk? Not very easy from our pitchers andgood scores were the rule of the day. In the 50s, Phil Scatena won with 50% strikes and set the new Division record. In the 60-64 Division, Jim Ilnicki only got cleared by his doctor on Wednesday to compete and set a new Division record of .750 to win gold. Chet Lane was the gold medal winner in the 65-69. The 70-74 had the most competition in the event, with outfielder Bill Beshore showing his versatility at .750 ( a new Division record) followed by Jerry Marsh for the silver and Roger Severin for bronze. In the 75+, Ray Elkins came out of retirement to challenge George Goldman but it was a tie for the gold. Ginger Mah won the gold in the Women’s, but did not equal her current Division record.

Third to First Throw

One of the most popular events, this competition had 20 entries! Pete Lewis won gold for the 50s. In the 60-64s, Rocco Stagnaro showed off his power arm to earn gold, followed by Ron Sorg for silver and Ted Kahan for bronze. The largest entries were in the 65-69s, and it was Rich Jovel winning gold in a playoff after tying the first round and Greg Lum Ho gathering silver. Bronze was a tie between Bruce Barnes and Hiroshi Tarumi. Seeing how hard it was to throw accurately and hard, there were still good scores in the 70-74 with Bob Cushman narrowly edging Louis Schultz. A large contingent of 75+ competed with Sid Maytorena winning gold, Dave Reck the silver, and Morris Hosoda and George Goldman tying for the bronze. There were no women entrants in the long throw.

Center Field Throw

The toughest event historically is throwing to a six-foot target from 150 feet out in center field. A real test of arm strength, a dozen men still competed for the glory. In the 50s, Pete Lewis was the gold medal recipient, followed by a two-way tie for silver between Tony Correia and Gino Emmerich. In the 60-64, Ron Sorg was again the winner over Rocco Stagnaro for the silver and Bob Ligh for the bronze. Bruce Barnes and Hiroshi Tarumi tied in the 65-69s, and also tied in the throw-off, so both shared the gold. Inthe 70-74, Louis Schultz defeated Bob Cushman, the current Division record holder. Sid Maytorena tied the Division record in the 75+ and won the gold.

Another great two days of competition with many of the winners gathering for an impromptu victory lunch after Friday’s conclusion. Many volunteers helped make this possible with setting up the field, lugging equipment from the parking lot, putting up a sound system, shagging balls, acting as judges, feeding the pitching machine, and handing out the awards and taking pictures of the happy winners. The competition finished before noon on both days and many a winner went home to brag to their family. Start practicing for next year!

July 4th One Pitch Tournament

A huge turnout for our annual tournament and BBQ this year as over 275 Club membersand families and friends attended. There were 71 players on five teams in the American League competition and 45 more “seasoned” players on three teams in the National League bracket.

In the Nationals, where the ball could only be fair or out, Carl Woodruff’s Wood Chuckers met up with two hot teams and came in third. Dave Arrigoni’s Avengers met Bill Beshore’s Marauders for the championship with the Avengers taking bragging rights with the win. T-shirt madness followed, and both first and second place players donned their shirts and strolled off to gorge themselves at the BBQ and listen to the praise of their supporters.

In the American League, all five teams played very well considering the unusual format, and there was an ending 3-way tie for first place! The tiebreaker was applied, and the winning team was Gordy Bell’s Bell Ringers, followed closely by John Leland’s Razorbacks, with third place going to Ric Ferras’s Manlymen. Fourth place was earned by Sergio Ramirez’s Hard Woods, followed by Tim Reed’s team, the No Necks, last year’s winner. Again, T-shirts found their way to the puffed-out chests of the first- and second-place winners.

Hawes Park Is Restored

On December 18 last year, after many delays, the remodeled Hawes Park was opened with a ceremony honoring the Señors Club. Heavy rains canceled the planned initial softball games because of the soggy infield, but about 75 people gathered for an “open house”. City council members, parks and rec leaders, former players, 42 Señors members, other city officials, and a few curious members of the public were present for speeches, playing catch and batting on the all-weather turf, touring the facilities, and the presentation of a check for $4815.00 to help pay for new scoreboards at Hawes and at Griffin and Bechet.

Members who had played at the beginning in 1950 on the former Hawes Park (e.g. Paul Amaya, Joe Bozzuto) were honored. Despite the drizzle, the city hosted a hot dog lunch and everyone was pleased with the event.

Two months later, with better weather, a formal ceremony was held with the singing of the National Anthem, the mayor, parks and rec officials, Club members, and a speech by our rep to the city. Nine volunteers turned out that week to help prep the infield for the opening of Saturday League. The first games were christened the Jell-O Bowl because of the rain-soaked dirt, and we were able to play the inaugural games!

We Remember

Bill Eagleton, a former active member, known for his devilish sense of humor, passed away on November 17, 2010, at the age of 74. Bill was a Redwood City Police officer, and eventually relocated to the valley. A baseball and softball player all his life, he played 15 years in the Huntsman Senior Games, winning two gold medals on two different age-group teams in 2010! He was an active part of the early Señors Club, playing mostly with the Redwood City Chiefs at third base. The day he died, he was playing softball in the Las Vegas tournament and his team won the championship.

Tom Cooper, another former active member and leader of the early Señors Club, died on March 11, 2011, in Redwood City. Poor health forced him to give up softball, and eventually led to his death with his family by his side, but back in 1986, Tom was on a Clubteam, traveled to New Zealand in 1987 to play, was a board member of the Club for many years, and played for and managed the Cardinals for a long time. He had a sign company and often volunteered his services for the Club. As Carl Woodruff said: “A great friend and sportsman who will be missed.”

State Roofing Family Feud

The State Roofing 75s had a brilliant two innings in Saturday league softball in January. Playing against the State Roofing 70s, they faced bases loaded with no outs. A sinking line-drive was hit to shortstop Sid Maytorena who short hopped it, threw to second to force the runner and the second baseman threw to first for another out. The man on third took advantage of the relay and tore for home. He was thrown out by the first baseman for a triple play! The next inning at bat, inspired by the rare feat and full of adrenaline, the 75s laid runs on the 70s. Alas, the good story ends there as the 70s were ultimately victorious in the game.

Trip to the San Jose Giants

Our annual Baseball and BBQ night to see the San Jose Giants play on June 16, was the best attended ever. We had more than 50 members and families present for the event, organized by Glenn Kovas. Great food, fun, and a lively game.

For players our age, this minor league team and venue brings back fond memories ofbaseball’s heyday in the 40s and 50s before football became the dominant spectator port. There were farm leagues and amateur teams everywhere and summer was a glorious time for the baseball lover. Come join us in 2012!

Information: Rain Line and Web Site

If you are concerned about field conditions, location of open play, rain conditions at tournaments out of the area, and many other items, the Club’s info line is 650-363-1140. It’s accessible 24-hours a day. Check there first for information. The Club also has a web site at www.seniorsoftball.us with more information added constantly.

Picture Memories

Bob Cushman has worked hard to maintain our web site featuring pictures of Señors teams, past and present. You can access it through the Club web site: http://www.seniorsoftball.us We are always looking for more data, so if you can identify any players from the past that are featured in the photos, we value your input.

The Birthday Boy

In a tournament in Lodi, the State Roofing Royals 70s were battling the top-ranked team in their bracket, the Lincoln Hills Coyotes 60s Blues. The Royals were the home team, and entering the bottom of the seventh, they were behind by 5 runs. The Royals battled back, but there were two outs, they were still 3 runs behind, had bases loaded, and Dave Elliott was at bat. Dave put it over the fence for a grand slam walk-off home run! The frosting on the cake? It was Dave’s 71st birthday!

Woman Star

New Club member, Linda Elkins Shinshiro, daughter of longtime member, Ray Elkins, was inducted into the Sequoia High School Sports Hall of Fame in October, 2010, because of her track and field skills and her center field play for her team in 1983-84. Where did she get her athletic ability? From her mom, Doreen, who is a frequent horseshoe champion!

(Maybe Ray’s genes helped a little!)
Softball to Basketball?

A few of our players gather on Mondays at the Redwood City rec center to play basketball. You would think after running around the outfield, they would be too tired to play more, but they have been doing it for a year. Well, they got it into their head to go to San Diego to play 3-man basketball in the Senior Games. The result: a gold medal, winning the championship for over-70!! Congratulations to Bill Beshore and Will Smith and the other older players they picked up from the rec center.