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Seniors Stay Sharp In Redwood City Softball League

Club History

The Redwood City Señors Softball Club had its beginning in the 1970's when some older men who were finding it difficult to keep up with 20-somethings in the recreation leagues decided to form a club to offer opportunities for those 50 and over. Senior softball was not a new idea nationally, but was new in Northern California.

Senior softball nationally began holding tournaments and the Club was instrumental not only in sending teams to participate, but in the organization of the Northern California Senior Softball Association (NCSSA). This group’s primary purpose was to build a calendar where tournaments throughout the area were scheduled to avoid conflicts, and where rules were standardized for each tournament.

The Club quickly began to flourish as many talented players joined. Softball was primarily played in the evenings at various venues, many of which the Club helped build or renovate and maintain. Members also began to branch out and sponsor teams, hold their own annual tournament, and provide social opportunities such as a holiday party and the July 4th One-Pitch tournament for members only.

One early highlight in 1989 was that a team from the Club won the national championship in North Carolina. Since then, as senior softball expanded, many other Club teams have won significant championships, including the World Championship in Las Vegas in 2013.

Redwood City Señors, Early 1980s-A

The Club continues to add social activities to its calendar while maintaining its main focus on playing softball year round on its wonderful all-weather fields. Women were welcomed to join and play in the 1990s. Most players participate in games on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at Red Morton, but there are also evening and Saturday leagues, as well as about 100 members on tournament teams.

Club playing members range from age 50 to 90! Most of these members live on the Peninsula, but some come from San Francisco, San Jose, or the East Bay. The current membership is around 275.